How’s your IT Support been recently?

Feeling a bit disappointed?

We have recently approached business owners and managers in our local community to discuss their current situation and the IT support they have received during the lockdown and beyond.
Of course, we understand that the crisis took everyone by surprise. Therefore, it is fair to say that nobody was able to hit the ground running after being forced to abandon the office for home working arrangements.
Nevertheless, we have heard some disturbing horror stories about inadequate IT support.

Our team has had the busiest quarter in the history of Bespoke Systems. But we have worked hard to put our clients and their business security first. In this unusual and unique pandemic situation, we wanted to give our clients a sense of normality by ensuring that it would be “business as usual”. That’s why we went “above and beyond” to fix all home working problems as they occurred.

We arranged for regular catch-ups with our clients to gain a better insight into the frustrations and challenges they faced when working remotely.

For us, providing reliable IT support during the lockdown is in the nature of the job. But that doesn’t mean that we didn’t celebrate praises from our clients.

But don’t take our word for it; let them tell you instead.

The bottom line

The world is changing, and so is the Remote Working and IT Support solutions that you expect. We provided our clients with the right IT solutions to transition smoothly into a home working environment. Our priority has been to make sure it is business as usual for our clients by enabling their remote business operations whilst preventing security issues and maintaining their flow of communication. No matter how tough the going gets, we never fail to deliver the service that you expect. That’s why we should talk if your IT support company did not rise to the challenge during the lockdown.

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with the way you have been looked after,
we really should have a chat

The pandemic has shown how positive or detrimental IT is to your operations.

Let’s be honest: if your current provider hasn’t supported you under lockdown, how are they going to help you bounce back now?

Many IT support companies like Bespoke Systems rose to the challenge and went above and beyond the call of duty for all of their clients. Others just looked after a select few.

My name is Ian Shanks , Managing Director of Bespoke Systems. I understand just how vital great IT support is. I want to talk to you if you believe that your business should receive better IT support. You can check below our online live calendar to book a slot that suits you for a short, no-obligation, 15-minute call.

It’s really important you know:

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    It’s just a conversation. There is no commitment at any stage.
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    No matter how badly you have been treated, it’s not my job to criticise your existing supplier. I prefer to focus on how your situation can be improved.
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    Even if you are tied into a multi year contract we should still have a chat. Confirmation of best practice or a second opinion is always useful.
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    I will happily give you as much strategic advice as you like, free of charge. As a company we enjoy helping businesses be more productive and profitable through the effective use of available technology.

Want to unlock your full business potential?

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