How Efficient IT Systems Can Help To Save You Money.


The cost of living crisis is impacting all of us and we can help to save your business money, improving your productivity and driving growth.

Look at the easy ways we can help make your IT systems more efficient:

Outsource your IT. It is estimated that businesses can save between 25 percent to 40 percent by outsourcing their IT without the salary of an in-house I.T Team. As an experienced IT company Bespoke Systems have supported a variety of industries including Finance, Building, Planning and Estate Agency. Using a flexible approach, we can improve your service levels whilst saving you money.

Implement cloud storage. Reduction in managing servers, hardware etc. Without the need for dedicated server far less office space is required and employees can access files remotely. Cloud storage has a lower entry cost than a dedicated server with no upfront hardware investment. There are payment options to suit every size of business including, pay as you go options.

Standardise your IT structure. System consolidations.

Use less expensive hardware. Reduce the numbers of screens you need, have one large one rather than two or three monitors. Switch from desk top to laptop. Older machines are a false economy, as they tend to consume more energy, may break down more often and require more maintenance.

Use automated processes for invoices and statements. There are a variety of software programmes available. Automated systems can save you precious time which you can utilise on other areas of your business.

Managed Print Partner. How much do you really need to print? Cutting down on printing not only saves energy, but reduces the amount of paper and ink used.

Discard the landline. It is cheaper and more efficient to run a cloud based phone system.

Review what you are paying for. Are you paying for licences or services that you no longer need.

Unplug unused electronics and power off computers every night. Rather than let your machine go into stand by, make a conscious effort to shut down your machine and power off any monitors. Why pay for electricity when you do not need it.

Reduce the brightness on monitors and devices. Some PCs can let Windows automatically adjust screen brightness based on the current lighting conditions.

We have the expertise to make your IT systems more efficient, which in turn will help reduce your business costs.

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