Introduction to Azure – Eight Frequently Asked Questions

What is Azure ? 

Microsoft Azure, often referred to as Azure, is a cloud computing service operated by Microsoft. It provides a range of cloud services including cloud based computers and servers, analytics, storage and networking. It helps businesses easily manage their technology demands. Azure server infrastructure can be in a hybrid setup where you have on premise and cloud-based infrastructure or completely cloud based. 

How will Azure benefit my business? 

Azure offers the latest technologies, it is low maintenance, more reliable than on premise servers and has predictable costs. 

Azure is a flexible solution, it allows you to easily scale up and down, so if you have seasonal employees, short-term employees, or you need to expand or contract your workforce you have the flexibility to do this instantly and without a long term cost.  The service allows you to move some or all of your servers from onsite or hosted locations into the Microsoft cloud. No more budget required for new hardware, licences, electricity, maintenance, or enhanced Air Conditioning.   

Azure provides solutions for all industries, through proven combinations of cloud products and services. 

Is Azure expensive? 

There are two Azure billing models, “Pay As You Go”, where there is no upfront cost, you only pay for what you use on a month by month basis and Annual commitment where you can receive significant cost reductions for multiyear contracts.  

Is Azure secure? 

Absolutely, security and privacy are foundational for Azure. Microsoft invests over $1 billion each year into security, including the security of the Azure Platform. If you follow Microsoft’s recommended security fundamentals including sensible passwords and Multi Factor Authentication Azure is one of the most secure platforms you can use.  

Is Azure only for Windows applications? 

No, you can use the tools and technologies you prefer.  

Who else uses Azure? 

Businesses of all shapes and sizes use Azure. At one end of the spectrum 95% of the Fortune 500 companies rely on Azure, but it is equally useful for Micro and Small Business. 

How does Azure compare to other clouds? 

Azure is a consistent hybrid cloud that delivers unparalleled developer productivity, multi-layered security, including the largest compliance coverage of any cloud provider! Azure is cheaper than its main competitor Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

Where can I go for more information ? 

Bespoke Systems are a Microsoft Silver Partner and have implemented Azure solutions for Micro and Small Business as well as Enterprise clients.  We can advise and implement very simple and very complex Azure deployments. If you would like a call to explore how Azure can benefit your business, Book a call here




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