The unseen effects of a Cyber Attack – Daisy’s Story

After a cyber-attack, much attention is given to the crisis management and I.T teams. However, employees also have to endure the consequences of the fallout .

This is Daisy’s Story 

“A cyber-attack always had the echoes of an alien invasion in my naïve and ignorant world. 

My IT experience was a blissful world of flowing emails, saved files, Teams meetings and great PowerPoints. 

Irritation set in one day after being told not to use the internet or access my emails. After which,  I was told  that my files, containing sensitive information had been lost by a “glitch” in the system. The door to IT department was firmly closed. 

Eventually the IT department surfaced from their office and it was announced that the glitch was in fact a cyber-attack; ransomware. 

My  irritation turned in to dismay and the working environment became stressful and at times toxic. 

Staff looked bereft and anxious once the seriousness of the situation became apparent. Gossip was rife, who caused this ? 

From a personal level, I had no access to my emails and all of my sensitive files had been lost, even the phone system was down. It was highly embarrassing turning up to meetings without notes and information, I appeared very unprofessional. It was an incredibly stressful time. 

An announcement was made by management that a serious breach had taken place, the ICO and police had been notified. This was a very serious situation.  

Basically, all of our data had been stolen and the perpetrator demanded a ransom. 

My company was completely exposed, it was the same as leaving all of the windows and doors open with a sign saying help yourself. The cyber thieves had violated all of our files, spied on the company and then stole the data. The company was held in a full nelson for almost a month before operations returned to normal. 

This could have all been avoided and the joviality that was once  the DNA of the company never really returned!”

This story is very similar to lots of stories at large and small companies who have been subjected to a Cyber Attack. As well as repairing the damage caused to the companies finance , reputation and IT systems , Employers also need to consider the fallout on their employees morale.

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